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Thus, the island welcomes creative people. Due to the pandemic, their future hit with uncertainties. Most companies considered to spend much less production budget. This project aims to provide options of considerations why Bali is still the answer for their content making place for their promotion.

This project is to create a community of creatives in Bali. Every creative mind is the fruit from the balance of one's mind-senses-heart. And Bali is a perfect place to live for that. Besides the breath-taking backdrop Bali has, it is also the popular place for companies to hunt for creative team to produce the promotion contents.

Invitation for all Content Needs

BaliCreative.Live is a community intended for
creatives in bali to aim higher - to be the world's best

Inspiration mood or concepts for brands to search for the team

community FEATURES

The first step of assuring that Bali has whatever are required in term of creativity. For most common reasons, companies used for product catalogue prints or shop display. But those may be considered rare projects due to the public limitation. The request for content making  can be mostly about for online platform.  Ads, the brand message, or perhaps anything that can work for brand awareness for their customers are up for grab that creatives in Bali can do to provide. Thus, the idea of having library for companies to get inspired is crucial

Pinterest-Like Library

Content-making creative team
Photo & Video Editing team
Variation of model talents from many different countries
Project Manager & Stylists to work on the mood or creative direction
Available with many different experiences, skills and costs

community FEATURES

In order to work on less production budget, the first thing of company from outside Bali can cut their trip fee. But all that must be assured for the available team in Bali with the professionalism and the understanding about the brand message the company looking for. Thus, we created a website for creatives to be able to post their past works, portfolio or even concept sharing to smoothen the selection distance process. Ideally, the virtual production house should be able to minimise the production budget.

Virtual Production House

community FEATURES

Creativity can only be improved by surrounding with the right people or in the community. The demands for content-making needs can be increased by having the variety of choices. Thus, it is important that we should encourage to develop creative generations who work together. We wish to help Bali for providing the tools to build an education platform that creatives can also get paid while sharing their invaluable experiences, skills and knowledge to others in Bali or creatives from all around the world.

The Classes & Communities

The website updates the library regularly and list of projects looking for team. If you wish to participate, please contact us @ichoosebali 

Bali Creative.Live