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The idea is for this community to provide companies to headhunt the creatives to keep making contents from Bali from the distance. The community lists out the creative people in Bali to meet any variety budget of projects. It  starts from the strategist/coach, content-maker or even talents to support the production.

This project is to create a community of creatives in Bali. Every creative mind is the fruit from the balance of mind-senses-soul. Bali is the perfect place for that. Supported by the outdoor lifestyle that many people dream to have, companies produced promotion contents in the past.

Are you creatives ?
Or are you looking for ones ?

Digital marketing | content making | talents

* All creatives are members at I Choose Bali
whose the personal background is transparent to be viewed
*  Online project page that welcomes 
the community members to participate the project
* We use communication tools such as and zoom
to monitor all meetings and all deliverables
* Our in house team is also taking part
from head-hunting process to project monitor

Community FEATURES

Every project must have constraints to meet. Quality, budget, resources and deadlines surely the key for every project to succeed. The community aims to provide the tools to help creatives in Bali still marketable. Starting the project, the direction and budget of the project must be set out. The community has the list of digital marketing coach/strategists. Also the content-making team and talents for every project owner to shop around. All can be done via online. With the help of established project management software or even online communication tools, the project can be planned and live monitor in the distance. 

Online Project Management

" I love Bali because it changes me into the person I never see it before. And I like it "

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