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Active students to learn as part of extra curricular


Peers learning from other peers to advance their career


pro practitioner
who still active to be the teachers


This project invites the curated members of our community. They are invited to not only share, but also the students can also interact with them personally while learning together in online community. Is it too much to have the ambition to help others especially kids to grow learning from the best ?

Bali offers the balanced lifestyle that most world citizens look for -  the relax and creative living to enjoy the life at the fullest. They used to be very good at what they do in the fields. And even some are still very much active working digitally. Their knowledges and experiences should be some treasure for others

Now, they are ready to give back

Bali has given many the new lease of life.

* The teachers have the proven career track
* Personally answers by the nominated teacher
* Routine assessment for students to be challenged to produce
* Zoom meetings are available to view the live practical session
* Sellers are I Choose Bali members


The team gathers the skilled and only the ones with the proven qualification to share the knowledges and experiences. The curriculum are designed for three different levels. Beginner level is what the team consider attending school students in mind to add their extra-curriculum. Amateur level is perfect for amateurs to pursue more understanding to start the career or even to enjoy the passions or hobbies. Lastly, Pro level is suitable for fellow professionals to be mentored personally by the experts.

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founder of laguna interiors

"Love the class"

founder of laguna interiors

"the class is very personal"

founder of laguna interiors

"The class is so professional"

founder of laguna interiors

"Love how the curriculum works"

founder of laguna interiors

"Beautiful Collaboration"

The website updates regularly from talented people in Bali to learn how they do it.  Contact us @ichoosebali or share the above hashtag