This community was initially prepared for the portal for couples who looked for wedding information in Bali. However amid the pandemic, the website is then transformed into the community of online business in Bali. The goal is to assist whatever it takes for giving opportunity for every people in Bali to sell online. Besides setting up an e-commerce platform, they benefit with our video-making experience

uncover bali community
helping people in bali to uncover the best potentials to sell them online

This community is created with one mission - to promote a different value to what most people know about Bali already as a holiday island. But instead, this community empowers the stories of how people chose Bali and how they wish to inspire others to live for a better future. Thus, it invites local people or people internationally who were touched by Bali

I Choose Bali Community
Exploring the real people in Bali through their stories

"Bali Helps Bali" Communities

living in community means we work together to reach one mission goal