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I’d say I have had a few careers in my life. I started out as a visual artist because I was born into a family of sculptors. I started out in Visual Arts from a very young age. I was a child artist. I was showing my artwork and selling it from the age of four. Then when I was eleven I fell in love with music and I had a new dream to become a singer. I was told that in order to become a successful singer, I would have to write my own songs. So now I also am a singer and songwriter. I am also now working on a project I’m extremely passionate about. It’s sort of a community hub for people to come and read positive content and get inspired called, The Fearless Nomad.

I see many people around me not doing what they love. The only reason for that being is that they have these false belief systems in place and these limitations. Beliefs about yourself not being enough and not being talented enough. I want to create something that can shed a little light in the world about that.

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