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When I was 17 I left my hometown and moved to Montreal by myself. I did a lot of small jobs. I worked at McDonalds, I worked at shopping malls, and stuff. One day I met a lady that encouraged me to travel. So I got my passport and traveled to more than 27 countries. I ended up doing a lot of jobs while traveling. At some point I was tired of living in my suitcase. I just wanted to go home and have a normal life. That’s when I went back to Canada to start over which would be the beginning of moving to Bali.

I got a job in Online Trading Academy. I was very good at what I do. I was an account executive. It was nice and happy job till it got sold to franchise which brought issues to me and my lifestyle. So, I decided to travel again to Bali. When I was in Bali, I ended up in a nice villa with a palm trees in my backyard. Then I remembered, those are actually my dream to live in a place where there is a palm tree. That’s why I stay.

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