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I visited Bali a year ago just for about a week to travel. When I first come here, it was really nice. Everyone say it’s a paradise and it is a paradise. It’s really nice with lots of nature. I can’t feel this kind of thing in Tokyo or even Seoul. So, after I lost my work due to pandemic I moved to Bali to switch my life environments. Also because Bali is known for its friendliness towards foreigners and the nomads.

Beside enjoying my time and the nature here, I’m also currently writing essay. I want to publish story in book to let people know more about Bali. Through my stories I want to inspire the youth to enjoy more of life. I want to tell them there are lots of different ways to live and there are lots of different places to enjoy. There are plenty of times to learn different cultures. We’re much worth to live and enjoy different things, because it’s only once in a life time.

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