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I think there is something wrong with the system. I think it is somehow modern slavery when someone tells you that you have to work until you’re 65 and then after that you’re free to do what you want to do. I don’t know when and I don’t know how exactly but I woke up and thought as long as I am working for someone I will never be able to reach my dreams and pursue self-realization that is the most important thing.
So I started my own Instagram account two and half yeas ago to do some vlogging. You could say I am a vlogger. I also do collaborations with brand to make good contents and do some modelling as well. I could say Bali is very unique place. You see a lot of possibilities here in Bali which is mind-blowing. It actually assists me to evolve to be better. First of all you have a little bit more time you you could start look into yourself more. Secondly, if you tell the universe what you want, it will put people to your path helping you to get it.

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