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Even with only a slight chance for visitors to come, the team is still ready to do something about it to promote Bali. Thus, optimistically when the time comes, they'll think about Bali. The good thing is Bali itself has touched many in the past. Those memories will encourage them what they have been missing out. The reminder is what they need.

No tourist means no income. The pandemic surely affects the life in Bali. The new normal is to adjust life without tourists. For a holiday island like Bali, changing the sustainability routine is extremely difficult. Even though, the current state for people consider holiday or even destination wedding may be considered as luxury needs.

Is Bali ready for the new normal?


Watch & Listen the Music Video

The footages are mix of what we took before
and after pandemic (July-Aug 2020)

* Every video is prepared with licensed music 
* Featuring the public places that normally attract visitors
and also premises like villas, venues or even cafe
* All video are posted in our youtube channel
* Regular updates highlights the up-to-date situation
* BONUS: it may include some of "on special" package
from the places for people to book on spot 

inspirations from past weddings

The current era is unique for everyone to live in right now. Nobody has the experience to give definite answers of how to tackle all aspects in life at the moment. It's a sensitive situation to be in since everything can be interpreted differently. Different people has different way to evaluate things. And the team of I Choose Bali and people in Bali are confident and feel the life goes on in Bali normally. 
As a result, the team compiles the footages that show the real recent situation in Bali. It hopes to give confidence for tourists to come and visit whether it's safe to be here or not. 


Visit the website to see the regular updates. If you wish to participate, please contact us @ichoosebali or share the above hashtag

Bali New Normal