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I was actually born in Legian back in 1989. My mom is from Legian, my dad is actually from Melbourne, Australia. This was my home ever from the very beginning. I spent most of my life here. Bali has always been a big part of not just myself but my family in my sense of being and just a lot of who I am in general.
I moved to Australia to do my high school at one of boarding school in Australia. I also did my university there. What brought me back here to Bali was the fact that we have our family business here. Still growing up and intersect with our daily lives. My live is very focused around that even if I wasn’t directly involved with it.
I think starting Mason Adventures here in Bali was something that we were able to grow to this extent because of the fact that we were the pioneers at what we did. We saw a big opening in the marketplace and we decided that we wanted to go for it .

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