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My name is Tyler Farnham. I grew up in Cocoa beach, Florida. My dad started pushing me into the waves when I was three years old. That’s when I started to have this feeling of adrenaline and endorphins of doing something that was fun and active as a little child. I grew up surfing and of course skateboarding followed after that. When I got a bit older I started to do skydiving and it also became another big passion in my life.

My life was really nice back then. I had this really cool active lifestyle. I began lifeguarding and had a really nice girlfriend but it turned around so quick. I experienced a fatal accident during skydiving. I had five days in a medical induced coma. While I was in the middle of recovering from this horrible accident, the girl that I loved left me. During that time I became dependent on the medication and I found myself very depressed. That’s when I decided to leave the US to feel better about myself again. I have been outside for a while now and I wrote books based on my story.

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